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Use your postcode to be sure you get your MP.

Go to parliament site and search by Postcode, constituency or MP's name.

Clicking on the members name shows their parliamentary phone number and email, and usually their constituency office too.

Screen shot of Parliament's 'Find MP' page.

Email and phone number are provided by The Houses of Parliament for each constituency MP.

Contact your MP and he is duty bound to reply to you, and carry out instructions you give on raising questions with the Prime Minister, Chancellor, ministers or departments.

Email to Your Member of Parliament

Copy and paste the example email below, then append something of your own.

Ideally compose an entirely original letter, but who has the time for that? You've spent time reading this website (thank you!) so the MP should do the same, a "forwarded" email should be enough!

The MP, or assistant, will look at this website (hello!) to see if its just a crackpot website, so if you include other points discussed on the site, or make your own, then it will add to the pressure to act.
Ideally the MP, or assistant (hello again!), will consider the merits of the ideas, rather than considering the apparent importance of the proponent of the ideas. Do you think your representative can be trusted to act in this way? Well you can question them on it when they reply.

Email Example

You must supply your snail mail address. The MPs need to know that they are working for their own constituents, and not another MP's constituent - they have very strong conventions on this!

Consider copying & pasting this image and text.

Screen shot of Parliament's 'Find MP' page.

Imagine we had shown the bankers a projection like this in 2008, do you think the economy would be anywhere near as bad now?

Dear yourMP,

I am confident that the proposals to link bankers and banks taxes to measurements and cost of unemployment, put forward at, will produce an instant upturn in the UK economy.

What do you think?

It is clear that small businesses are the only possibility for growth, and banks are actively inhibiting this growth, as Mervyn King indicated in a speech given at The Grand Hotel, Brighton, Jan 24, 2012.

Could you please ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer why this would not lead to investment in the real economy.

Yours sincerely,


Email Members of the European Parliament

Instead of the "Robin Hood Tax", which only taxes greed and doesn't direct it. Tell your MEPs that linking banker's and bank taxes to unemployment is a better tax in the long run!

Write To Them dot com

Their system blocks multiple, identical letters being sent - but don't worry, simply put the points above in your own words! They are quite happy to let campaigning emails on the same subject through.

They provide an online form, instead of representatives details, for you to fill in. As well as your MP, you can contact all your other representatives as individuals or as a group:

You must supply your details for the same reasons as above.

While devolved parliament members and local councilors can't act on this subject, there is no harm in letting them know that they should be agitating for this from within their own party.